10 Reasons to Buy A SMOKE Automotive Leak Detector

  1. A best tool for generating income
  2. Professional tool to find the leak position faster,it's the best helper for troubleshooting a vehicle system.
  3. Increase income per service
  4. By finding more hidden problems in a vehicle,and prove it to the vehicle owner the necessity of extra service, this tool helps increase your income per service.
  5. Reduce you labor cost
  6. Help technician to locate the problem correctly in a few minutes, avoid possibility of wrong diagnosis of the vehicle.
  7. A scanner only can do 50% of the work
  8. A scanner may tell you failure or incorrect value of a sensor, but won't tell you why. SMOKE diagnostic leak detector is a best mate for scanners, to help you find our why. E.g. pressure abnormal, thin/thick fuel flow etc.
  9. Increase your capability of more service calls
  10. By reduce your repair service time cost, it will make your workshop capable of accepting more service calls.
  11. Ease the pain of finding leaks
  12. The vehicle driven into the workshop with engine running hot, which put technician in a bad working condition.With SMOKE diagnostic leak detector, technician don't have to touch the hot surface, reduce possibility of getting hurt in work.
  13. More professional in facing customers
  14. Your customer may feel sorry for you if you still jumping onto and off the hood using the traditional soap bubble method.SMOKE diagnostic leak detector will make technician's work more professional and impressive with convincing result.
  15. Increase customer satisfaction level
  16. By fast and complete repair service with help of SMOKE diagnostic Leak Detector, customer will be happier that the vehicle back to sound condition with less waiting.
  17. Increase working condition in your workshop
  18. With inbuilt medical level noiseless air compressor, you don't have to drag the long air hose around, don't have to bear the big noise of air compressor in the workshop.Carry the machine outside of the workshop would be possible as well.
  19. No worries on chemical
  20. SMOKE diagnostic leak detector use mineral oil or mineral oil based baby oil to generate smoke. it's available in every supermarket or pharmacy.


  • Simple to Operate
  • Simply power up the unit, and pressure start/stop button, the machine will start a 5 minutes working cycle, if need stop the machine, press start/stop button again anytime.
  • Save time and faster leak detection
  • In most cases, a scan tool may find out pressure sensor abnormal etc.,while actually the 'pressure low' problem is caused by leak somewhere.
  • multi-purpose professional tool
  • Applicable for EGR valves, gaskets,fittings,hoses, worn throttle shafts, break boosters, catalytic converters, oil leaks, lamp housing, manifolds, and much more, with a single tool.
  • Inbuilt air compressor
  • Perform leak test with no external air compressor needed.


  • Testing Pressure: 10-12psi
  • Working Cycle: 5 Minutes
  • Flow Rate: 2L/Min
  • Power Supply: DC12V Vehicle Battery

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Smoke A1 Automotive Diagnostic Leak Detector

  • Brand: J&L Techno
  • Product Code: A1
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  • $400.00

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