About Us

Workshopbuy, based in Shenzhen,China, is a leading internet distributor of various brands in the automotive aftermarket, pre-screening top quality products to our clients' at competitive price. And offer good service with strong after service team.

A Guarantee of Quality

We pre-screen factories and products in this industry with our own service team, to make sure

  • The factory has a good reputation on quality and policy;
  • The products are stable and durable;
  • The details of products are well understood by our service team

A Guarantee of Price

Workshopbuy may not work with top brands,

  • A famous old name on a firm is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, but a guarantee of high price, because its name add value to the product;
  • A spirit of craftsman is a must for a good product,  and experience in the industry is a treasure to make a good product reasonable.And there are tens of thousand small companies with this nature. 
  • Workshopbuy is always looking for best balance between cost and product performance.

A Guarantee of Service

Workshopbuy provide fast and effective service, to be fast is easy, extra man power could have it done, but to be effective at the same time, means much more,

  • Our service team is with many years experience in this industry.
  • Every product listed in the online shop was 100% understood by our service team.
  • Our service team even work with the factory engineers together, to make modification to the design of product.

Workshopbuy is not looking for a huge listing of products, instead, we focus, and do what we are best at.